Weekly Mentoring focused on you and your goals

Hi, I’m Ange – the friendly face and person on your side should you decide to get your own personal¬† mentor to help you and your business grow together.

Think of me as that go to person who you can turn to at any time and whose sole purpose is to help you shine by bringing out your strengths, using your weaknesses to grow and keep you moving in the right direction with guidance, support and advice so that your business doesn’t get to that point where it consumes all of your time with a work load that keeps you up at night.

With a proven background in and a particular passion for establishing and growing strong teams with a positive and empowering work culture, I can help you also pass on the qualities necessary to transform your team into one that is just as passionate about the business as you are.

Andrea Pijacun
Andrea Pijacun

Andrea Pijacun, Director
(BAC, CertCompGraphDes, Btchg, GradDipTchg, DCA, MBM)


There is no one size that fits all and my holistic approach is only concerned about your growth which is all about you, what you need and where you are wanting to go.

personal & professional

As the face of your business and the person wearing the most hats - your personality, mindset and own pain points have a huge impact on your business. Together we will build your self awareness and work to both your strengths and weaknesses.


Based on mutual trust and respect, this is an holistic whole-of-you approach elevates what really matters to you. You will never be treated like a client, it gets a lot more personal than that to keep it meaningful and purposeful.


Having entered the world of business 17 years ago, I've tried and failed enough times to learn what works, what doesn't and how to stay resilient. I will never claim to have all the answers but I can certainly help to transform the way that you see yourself and the staff in your business with results that speak for themselves.


Mentoring doesn't mean I will just be a Q & A person. I will be there to help guide you forward, cheer in your corner to celebrate those wins and give you a lift when there is a low but mentoring is only as beneficial as the commitment that you give to it. You get back what you put in. I'm ready to get to work! Are you?

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