Mentoring for Success

Business Planning & Development

The most important document to guide you through the stages of running your business, is your business plan.  As your mentor, I will help you create a full business plan with achievable goals, solid strategy and a clear road map to help you drive your business forward.

We will regularly sit down and measure performance against those goals to keep you accountable and heading in the right direction.  This will also be our opportunity to adjust the sails if necessary.  At the end of the year, we will then do a review and update your business plan with a new set of goals and a new road map for the year ahead.

  • Tailored Business Plan Template

    There's nothing worse than wasting time trying to find the perfect template. You will have the option to use this standard template provided by MBIE or I will provide you with a custom one that filters out the confusing and brings back the easy to follow factor.

  • We start with your 5 Year Plan

    There's no point in racing ahead with a 10-year plan when the business environment is constantly changing. 20% of new businesses fail within their first two years and another 45% during their first five years. So rather than try to be too ambitious, we focus on getting you through those first two hurdles before we even start thinking further than that.

  • The Evolving Process

    Too many people only ever look at their business plan at the start of the year, ticking it off as done then never looking at it again until the same time next year. We will not be doing that. Your business plan is the most important document because it is your roadmap forward. So we will be looking at it quarterly to make sure it still details clear steps for you and update any sections that need to be changed to reflect the changing business environment and your current stage of growth.

Business Mentoring & Leadership Coaching

As you work on your business goals, you will receive one-on-one mentoring as part of the service that you receive from me.  This means that you will be supported at each step and stage of your journey of growing yourself and your business together at the same time.

Through a relationship that is focused entirely on you and your specific needs, our goal is to help you develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and grow your business.  For this to happen, it means that we need to also work on boosting your confidence by re-framing any self limiting beliefs that might be holding you back.

  • I help you grow with your business

    You won't find any generic or pre-determined courses or programmes here. The reason for this is simple. Every person and business is different so what works for one, does not mean that it will work for another. Through compassion, empathy and action we will focus entirely on you and your needs.

  • Regular Breakthrough Sessions

    I don't do anything in groups here because it takes the focus away from truly centering my support on you and your specific needs. We will meet every week at a time of your choosing and spend an hour talking about where you are at, how things are going and what challenges you would like to tackle together. These focus points will be based on your business plan.

  • From Talk to Action

    You will be given access to my client-centred portal system. In there this is where all our discussions, projects and feedback happens in between our breakthrough sessions. Think of it as your own private space to keep traction going. One of the key highlights of my system for clients is that it saves time by keeping everything in one place (notes from our sessions, shared files, feed forward, project info, metric measuring and progress tracking). No more having to keep notes everywhere.

No Massive
Upfront Investment

I believe that everyone should be able access the support that they need, when they need it.  Which is why I am firmly against requiring any massive upfront cost.  You will be required to pay your first month in advance to cover the time it takes to get you all setup, and that is it.

Ready to get Started?

Weekly & Monthly
Payment Plans
are Available

Not everyone is at that stage where they are generating enough profit to be able to access one-to-one support.  I completely get that.  My intention is to remove any financial barriers by giving you different options to keep things affordable for you, because you are worth it.

Book in a Time to Chat

You are not locked into a lengthy term

I believe that it does more harm than good to try to lock someone into a term, when the service is not working out for them. I will always have your best interests at heart and that means that if at anytime you want to discontinue working with me, you can cancel at any time.

What have you got to lose?

Your journey in business doesn't have to be an overwhelming one
You just need to have the right support in the right areas