Your Vision should be seen as a compass for your business

It should determine which direction will take you to a specific place and help you avoid wasting time on things that steer you off track

Your What and Why

A customer will know the why behind what your business does just by hearing or reading about your vision. It is this that makes your business different from the rest.

Crystal Clear Direction

It leaves nothing open to interpretation. That means less chances of wasting time on things that don't align with that end goal that your vision is driving you toward.

Future Focused

When you know exactly what your end goal is, getting there becomes a lot easier because now it is just about breaking things down into incremental steps that get you closer to it.

If your current vision is taking you around and round in circles
reach out for a FREE 15-minute chat and let's tackle it together

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Through one-on-one mentoring and coaching your road ahead can be made a lot easier and less confusing

Andrea Pijacun - Business Mentor

Through Connecting

Our starting point will be to meet face to face and this happens over Zoom.  It is a chance for us to learn a bit about each other in a relaxed, non-business manner to see if we connect in a good positive way that we are both comfortable with.  We will share a little about ourselves and then we will have a chat about some of the most pressing issues you are facing in your business right now. From there we can then decide on where to next.

Andrea Pijacun - Business Mentor

Through Understanding

We all have a different lens which affects the way that we view situations.  Through mentoring, I will share knowledge, tools and insights to help you bridge any gaps where you feel you need to know more.  Through coaching. I will help you use what you find helpful in a way that makes sense to you and is purposeful for you.  The goal is to equip you with the confidence and know-how to drive your business forward with or without a mentor.

Piazzoni Business Consulting

Through Support

Your mentoring and coaching sessions with me will be based on a fundamental relationship of trust.  To get the most out of it, there is a need to get comfortable with being open and honest about strengths and weaknesses because that is where the most transformational lessons are.  A good mentor will never tell you what you should be doing, they will instead help you clearly see the direction for yourself.

I'm not here to give you all that fluffy stuff

I'm here to help you get results because at the end of the day
the real measure of success is in the results you get