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I’m Andrea Pijacun, the face behind Piazzoni and the person that you will be working with if you decide to jump on board and allow me to help you tackle some of that hard stuff so that you can successfully drive your business forward.

My journey in business began at a very young age, having left school at fifteen and gone straight into higher education  where I acquired formal qualifications in graphic design, business, finance and professional education in the mid 90’s to early 2000’s.   Combining these different skill sets, I launched my first venture in DTP at the age of twenty in Australia before moving home to New Zealand where I launched my second more honed venture in 2D & 3D design at the age of twenty four.  This grew to include a global team of thirteen other designers from the U.S and UK who I managed remotely and at the peak of its growth, I successfully exited the business to follow a passion in culinary arts and hospitality management.

Fast forward 20 odd years, there’s a few more degrees under the belt, a lot more industries that I have worked in, this advisory service launched, enough mistakes that I could write a novel about them but a boot load of successes that have made the ride all worth it.  If I was to sum up what life has been like as a business owner who started out early, I would say that it has been a mix of highs and lows that have taught me the importance of staying true to yourself and never letting anyone else make your decisions because they are not the ones who have to deal with the results.

I am not your normal business advisor by any stretch of the imagination.  Everything that I do is backed by a set of values to keep me honest and authentic.  This personal element that I bring to the table, is one that I take great pride in because it means I am able to look beyond the scope of business to some of those more deeper issues that can hold people back.


Andrea Pijacun
Business Advisor
(BAC, Btchg, GradDipTchg, DCA, MBM)

Piazzoni was born out of a genuine desire to help

Humble Beginnings

Piazzoni Business Advisory started in 2020 and was originally known as Piazzoni Hospitality Services.  An independent consulting service that I had been providing in my local area long before Piazzoni was incorporated.

In these earlier years before growing to become what the company is today, my client base were typically restaurants, cafes, food trucks and food retail establishments.  Some of whom operated from home.

Steady Growth

Today and largely due to the devastating impact of COVID-19 on small businesses, I felt compelled to do more to help so I opened my services up to all industries as opposed to just working with those in the food and service industry.

So whilst this advisory service by name is new, the services that I provide are not and all are based not just on my own experiences as a business owner but on sound knowledge acquired through formal training to keep things up-to-date.


Proudly Different

Whilst my first two businesses were driven by a focus on profit, I wanted things to be different with Piazzoni.  As someone who always genuinely loves to help people, I wanted this business to reflect that side of me too.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than seeing someone experience a lightbulb moment and then watching that transition into action that they never thought was possible.  It is those intangible results that are the most rewarding.

When you focus too much on profit and automation
It can be easy to lose the human side of business, I don't do that

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