Business Planning & Development are my specialty

Piazzoni Business Consulting

The Big Vision

We will start by getting a clear picture of what the vision is for your business.  We will then break that long term goal down into realistic, achievable actions to bring it to life.  In doing so, we will focus on your brand, marketing, resources, people, systems and finances.  These will then be used to create a crystal clear road map that forms the framework for our work ahead.

Piazzoni Business Consulting


Every three months we will look at how you are tracking along with those goals.  We will do this by measuring your progress against the goals that are in your business plan.  We will look at what has worked well, what has not and adjust those goals when needed.  Together we will take an honest look at where things can be improved so that you can continue to head in the right direction.


Piazzoni Business Consulting

1:1 Support

As you work on those goals, you will be well supported with one-to-one Breakthrough Sessions every week.  These 60-minute sessions will not only incorporate a focus on the overall goal that you have for your business, but any obstacles that might be getting in the way.  Together we use this time to really hone in on what needs to happen to improve traction.

Your business plan is your most important road map
Together we will simplify the process of keeping it updated

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