About PHS

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

“Empower people with personalised support to help them grow”

This means taking a very personal approach as I get alongside them, helping them to work to their strengths and weaknesses whilst encouraging growth.

Our Vision


“Provide tailored, industry specific advice and support that goes beyond a general scope

This means you are not getting general advice that any old coach, advisor or mentor provides.  The support you receive comes for years of hospitality experience.

Value Proposition

Core Values

“Show a real commitment to the person, not just commitment to the process, both are equally important”

This means that an authentic and personal relationship is the goal with every person that I mentor, which is a perk that often continues after the mentorship ends.  


Based in Whangarei, Andrea is a classically trained and award winning City & Guilds chef with experience in both sides of the house.  She comes with a strong background in hospitality management, functions and events, business operations, financial planning and design.

With a particular strength and passion for building a positive workplace culture where relationships are valued and seen as a key to success – Andrea is very much about being authentic and personable and you can expect to see this from day one.

Staying true to her roots, Andrea takes great pride in keeping her Italian and Maori heritage alive.  She has three children who keep her grounded and when she is not with them or out on the road visiting clients – she enjoys creating new recipes, travelling, the great outdoors and adding to what she calls a never ending pursuit of new knowledge.  In line with that, she is currently boosting her knowledge and experience by completing her Master of Business & Management through the University of Waikato whilst also doing some work across the regions.  Her belief – you only live once, make it count!

Andrea being interviewed about the highs and lows of her job by the University of Waikato, whilst out on the road. (July 2021)

some of my work


Andrea’s entrance into the food sector was over 25 years ago and began in none other than her grandmother’s kitchen in Australia, baking fresh bread to sell at a local market on weekends.  It was a labour of love that meant early 4:00 am rises and no time to rest until all the breads were baked, packaged and sold.  This eventually led to her taking up work in a bakery where her interests ran away with her and she became equally passionate about patisserie.

Later on, Andrea went on to work in bars and cafe’s and completed two and a half years of formal training in both sides of the house – coming out with multiple awards, an internationally recognised City & Guilds Diploma in Culinary Arts and her first achievement as an emerging chef.  A silver medal for the highest score in pasta after competing against other chefs in the region.

From there, Andrea’s career in hospitality took off and she went on to work in fine dining restaurants, as a personal chef and corporate catering where she quickly rised through the ranks.  Within two years, she was in management where much of her work centred around training staff, developing systems, managing financials and working collaboratively with other establishments to improve operations.

While she continues to work as a personal chef and continues to train staff in kitchens, Andrea’s real passion is in working alongside food business owners because it gives her an opportunity to really give back to the industry that she loves so much.

PIAzzonI - all about being authentic

First and foremost, Piazzoni is backed by family values and passion.  Not a number, not a statistic.  You are treated as a person, not a client and this is because relationships are valued as being the key to success in all factors of life.

Andrea’s philosophy is simple – no one achieves great things by staying in their comfort zone or by only putting in a minimal effort that only leads to procrastination.  The only limitations stopping us from getting to those goals, are the limitations that we set ourselves.  Andrea is all about helping people find their drive and balance, making sure you are continuing to shoot for that end goal without sacrificing those other things that are important in your life.

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