Let's bring those big ideas to life

Business Development is what our Passion and there is nothing we love more than working on that with small businesses.


From one-to-one mentoring to leadership training and workshops, our value is in our practical approach.


  • 1:1 Set Programmes

    Whether you need help with the planning side of your business, putting in place systems that improve that important work-life balance or need assistance with developing those leadership skills - we have options for all three.

  • 1:1 Tailored Support

    We understand that everyone's needs are different at those different stages of business development. Talk to us about what you are needing help with and we can tailor an experience that will help you drive your business forward.


  • Remote Workshops

    Focusing on the key areas of planning, balance and leadership - Andrea offers 24 different workshops that are delivered in short, 30-minute sessions so that you can get right to the heart of things without an overload of information.

  • Onsite Training

    Our value is in the practical hands-on approach that we take. Serving clients across New Zealand, workshops are able to be delivered at your place of business so that your staff are able to benefit from professional development.

How It Works

We start by having a quick catch up over Zoom so that we can meet each other and talk about where you are needing a hand.

Piazzoni Business Consulting

Initial Discovery Call

Your first conversation with me will be through a quick 15-minute non-obligatory Zoom call. When you book this in, you will be presented with some questions which will let me know exactly what is happening with you and your business.  This allows me to personalise and focus our time on the call by getting right to heart of things and establish whether or not Mentoring for Success is the right fit for what you need.

Piazzoni Business Consulting

Client Portal

Following your Discovery Call, you will be sent an email inviting you onto Mentoring for Success.  If you have decided it is not for you, simply delete the email otherwise you can continue through the steps which will be detailed in your email.  Once you have selected a term of engagement, your own private 1:1 client portal will be setup and this is where all our work together takes place, in between your weekly breakthrough sessions.

Piazzoni Business Consulting

1:1 Breakthrough Sessions

Every week we will catch up over Zoom for a 60-minute Breakthrough Session.  Prior to each session, there will an activity for you to complete.  The objective of these weekly activities are to ensure that each Breakthrough Session remains focused on what you need right now and any obstacles that might be getting in the way of your progress.  So to really get the most out of your Breakthrough Sessions, it requires openness.

I live by one motto and that is to make sure that everything I do, comes from a good place

This means that you will never be treated as a just another client with generic suggestions that aren’t even relevant to you
Hand in hand with this is the assurance that I don’t deliver sales pitches, I deliver results

Think of me as your very own co-pilot. You remain in the driver's seat while I help you navigate in that direction you're trying to go.