Let's bring those big ideas to life

Piazzoni helps you drive your business forward by providing practical guidance and support through a balanced combination of mentoring and coaching together with good solid business strategy.

Business Planning

Nothing quite compares to the satisfaction that comes with launching a new business.  It is both exciting and frightening at the same time because of the inevitable highs and lows that are all part of the journey.

Piazzoni will help you create a full business plan with achievable goals and a clear road map to help you take your business to the next level.

Strategic Growth

Having a good idea is one thing.  Successfully bringing it to life is another.  At some point the business will begin to lose traction without some planned actions to keep it growing. This is where strategy comes in.

Piazzoni will help you keep your business driving forward by working with you to create a clear strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Coaching & Mentoring

Not everyone comes into business with the skills and knowledge to successfully keep their business thriving.  This is where the insights from a mentor can help along with coaching to help you use that knowledge.

Piazzoni will help you by providing ongoing advice and support throughout each step of your journey, keeping you accountable for those end goals.

How It Works

We start by having a quick catch up over Zoom so that we can meet each other and have a chat about how Piazzoni can help.

There is no cost, it is our chance to meet

Piazzoni Business Consulting

Initial Consultation

Your first full session with me will be a full-day or two half-days where will sit down and create a full business plan together with a clear strategy and road map for your business.  We will focus on everything from your brand and marketing through to people, systems and financials so that there is clarity in all areas.

Piazzoni Business Consulting


Every three months we will sit down and have a look at how you are progressing with your goals.  This will be done by measuring against the goals in your business plan to keep you accountable.  We will take a critical look at what is working, what is not and where we can improve traction within your business.

Piazzoni Business Consulting


At the end of the year we will catch up for another full-day or two half-day sessions to reflect on the year that has been and start planning for the year ahead.  We will do a review, update your business plan and strategy with a new set of achievable goals and a new road map to prepare you in advance for the year ahead.

There is always more support available

For some people just having a good solid business plan with a crystal clear road map is enough for them to sail ahead but not everyone is the same.  If you ever require more assistance throughout the year, we can look at increasing your one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions.

Everyone has different needs, that's why we keep it personal around here